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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

William the Conqueror Lineage II

1. King William I
+ Matilda of Flanders
2. King Henry I
+ Matilda of Scotland
3. Empress Maude or Matilda of England
+ Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou and Maine
4. King Henry II
+ Eleanor of Aquitaine
5. King John I (Lackland)
+ Isabella d'Angouleme
6. King Henry III
+ Eleanor of Provence
7. King Edward I
+ Eleanor of Castile
8. Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet
+ Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Herford and Essex
9. Lady Margaret de Bohun
+ Hugh de Courtenay, Count of Auxerre
10. Edward de Courtenay
+ Emeline Dawney
11. Sir Hugh de Courtenay
+ Lady Maud de Beaumont
12. Margaret de Courtenay
+ Sir Theobald Grenville
13. Sir William Grenville
+ Philippa Bonville
14. Thomas Grenville
+ Elizabeth Georges
15. Sir Thomas Grenville
+ Elizabeth Gilbert
16. Roger Grenville
+ Margaret Whitleigh
17. Annye Grenville
+ John Drake, Esq, High Sheriff of Devon
18. Robert Drake
+ Elizabeth Prideaux
19. William Drake
+ Philippa Dennys
20. John Drake (immigrant to America)
+ Elizabeth Rogers (immigrant to America
21. John Drake Jr.
+ Hannah More
22. Job Drake
+ Elizabeth Alvord
23. Elizabeth Drake
+ Joseph Rockwell
24. Joseph Rockwell
+ Hannah Huntington
25. Joseph Rockwell
+ Anna Dodd
26. Joseph Rockwell
+ Esther Cone
27. George Rockwell
+ Myris Guiteau
28. C.C. Rockwell
+ Margaret Phelps
29. Ada Lucy Rockwell
+ Charles E. Hotchkiss
30. Ida Hotchkiss
+ Joseph Williard Munson
31. Sir George Williard Munson of Winsted, Connecticut
+ Lady Ruth Marie Koerner of Greenwich, Connecticut
32. Lord Edward Deck Munson of Columbia, Connecticut
+ Lady Debra Florence Dahlquist of Wells, Maine
33. Scott Edward Munson (King in exile)

William the Conqueror Silver Coin
(picture taken from wikipedia)

Once again I am making my rightful claim to the throne of England as the 30th Great-Grandson of William the Great, King of England. Some may have questioned my credentials based on the previous lineage posted in June 2010 because it was through William the Great's daughter Princess Gundred, who, while treated in every way as a daughter, may not have been his daughter by blood.  This line is through his fourth son Henry who succeeded his brother, William II, becoming Henry I, King of England. This line also contains several other kings whom you can google to find out more information.

It's interesting to note that the last King in this lineage was King Edward I.  One has to wonder if my Grammy Munson knew this when she gave my father the name Edward.  I haven't found it anywhere else in the family but it does add some legitimacy to my claim.

King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks
because of his unusual height for the time
(picture taken from wikipedia)

Whether she knew or not, naming my father Edward which was passed down as my middle name allows me several options when I am crowned.  I could drop my first name and become King Edward IX in honor of our family's last King. (As a side note: it was King Edward VIII who abdicated the thrown to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson in 1936).  I could keep my first name and be King Scott I in recognition of my 29th Great-Granmother, William the Great's daughter in law, Matilda of Scotland.  I could honor and recognize both by become King Edward IX of Scotland.  This would of course have the double meaning since I grew up in Scotland, Connecticut but may be confusing since I would be the King of Great Britain and not just of Scotland.

I imagine that I have some time to consider these options while my claim to the throne is verified. Until then, I remain in exile under the cruel rule of King Jubal the Terrible, Master of Apartment 2C in The Salem, Jackson Heights, New York :)

Jubal the Terrible on his throne
picture taken October 2010 by SEM